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11 thoughts on “About

  1. Brad Greeley says:

    Hi, I would like to do some genealogical research on a person from Rocherster, NH, early-mid 1700s. Where’s the best place to do that.
    Thank you,
    Brad Greeley

  2. dianne main says:

    could you tell me if there was a bakery on Lafayette St between 1920-1999

  3. Nancy Nawoichyk says:

    My grandparents are Edgar T Pease (1875-1918) and Gertrude (Sanborn) Pease 1875-1913 jThey lived in Rochester NH first on Kimball Ave and then on Salmon Falls Rd. My mother is Marjorie Pease sister of Willis Pease well known as he had a fish store in Rochester and raised trotters on the family farm on Salmon Falls Rd
    I am seeking more information about my grandparents lives in Rochester and especially the death certificate for Gertrude. I have located one for Edgar. They are both buried in the large cemetery in Rochester along with their 1 year old daughter Dorothy Dow Pease. Willis and his wife Edith are also buried in this cemetery The Courier index 1910-1919 lists their death dates and apparently an obituary was published. Where might I locate a copy of their obits?

    I have a picture of Marjorie Pease’s “grammar school class- 1919 She has listed the names of the students and most are readable. It is not in the best of condition but I have scanned it. I am willing to share for your records if you contact me directly at email noted.
    Thank you for your help in my searches

    • marthaj1062 says:


      We have found obituaries for both Edgar and Gertrude. They are quite short as was typical of the time frame. We are taking a picture of them and will send them to you.

      We are interested in the picture if you can e-mail it to us.

      Thank you for your patience as we have been having some technical issues with our computer.


  4. Edna (Fernald) Pelto, Lebanon, Ct says:

    I found two photos of a class reunion, the old Rochester High School. They were taken in June of 1974 according to notation on the back of the photos. One is labeled Class of 1928. Apparently my father, Winfield Fernald was in that class. I suspect the other photo is of spouses, since my mother, Abbie Fernald is in that photo taken at the same event.
    Would you like to have these photos? I have no reason to keep them and would probably throw them away.

  5. Nancy Nawoichyk says:

    My mother and her Pease siblings always spoke of “Dead Horse Hill” We believe it is a road leaving Rochester towards Strafford? Perhaps Meaderboro Rd. Would love to solve this mystery.

  6. marthaj1062 says:

    It sounds like what has been called Horse Hill – Walnut Street, Route 202A – going from Rochester towards Strafford. It intersects with Meaderboro Road just after Horse Hill. It was a tough climb for horses.

  7. Nancy Nawoichyk says:

    Good Afternoon Martha Off on a search for information again My grandfather Edgar Thomas Pease owned a grocery in Rochester in 1905
    Edgar is found in Rochester NH area directories for Peoples Market on Charles St in Rochester. An ad in the 1905 directory read:
    Edgar T. Pease
    Dealer in Choice Family Groceries
    Flour Teas Coffee Spices Creamery Butter Fresh Eggs
    45 Charles St Rochester
    and in 1917 on 29 No Main
    I am wondering if either of them were the fish market/store that Willis Pease owned in Rochester. I understand that that area was torn down for “development”
    Still looking for the picture of Uncle Willis in front of the store Somewhere in family pictures I hope.
    Are there any city maps from around this time? My brother and I remember going on yearly visits when we were young. There was a restaurant across from the fish market run by a family my mother grew up with.
    Again thanks for your help
    Nancy Nawoichyk

  8. DARCY DORE says:

    Does anyone know what was if anything that was located where Hannaford is by Lilac Mall?

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