Rochester Tax Reports Inventory for 1816


July 25, 2015 by rochesterhistoricalnh

Rochester Tax Reports

Inventory for 1816

Adams, Amos

Adams, Benjamin

Adams, Jesse

Adams, Wido. Susannah

Allen, Col. Joshua

Allen, Maj. Samuel

Allen, Wido. Nabby

Allen, William


Baker, David, Esq

Baker, John

Baker, Moses; Somersworth

Baker, Wido. Lois

Baker, John

Baker, William

Berry, Elijah; Bar.

Bickford, Aaron

Bickford, Henry

Bickford, Isaac Jun.

Bickford, Issac

Bickford, Jesse

Bickford, Joel

Bickford, John 3rd

Bickford, John Jun.

Bickford, Joseph

Bickford, Moses

Bickford, Thomas

Brewster, John Jun.

Brewster, Joshua

Brewster, Stephen

Brown, Isaac

Brown, John

Brown, Moses

Bryant, Thomas

Burnham, Enoch; Farmington

Burrows, Amos

Buzell, John B.


Calef, James Jun.

Calef, John

Calef, Zachariah

Canney, Moses Esqr.

Chamberlain, Samuel

Chesley, Israel

Chesley, Shadrack

Clark, John

Cloutman, Eliphalet; Barr.

Cloutman, John

Colbath, Joseph

Cole, James C.

Cook, James

Cook, William; Somersworth

Copp, Samuel; Lebanon

Corson, Benjamin

Corson, Ichabod

Corson, James A.

Corson, Joseph

Corson, Timothy

Cross, Joseph

Cross, Richard

Currier, William


Dame, Benjamin

Dame, Caleb

Dame, Charles

Dame, Daniel

Dame, Jabez

Dame, Jonathan

Dame, Meribah Wido.

Dame, Paul

Dame, Richard, Esq.

Dame, Richard, Esqr. for J. Tebbets

Dame, Richard, Jun.

Dame, Silas

Dame, Silas Jun.

Dennett, Charles

Doe, Ebenezer

Demeritt, Samuel

Downs, Gersham Jun.

Downs, Paul

Downs, Thomas

Downs, Thomas Jun.

Drown, Ezra

Drown, Henry

Drown, Solomon


Ela, Enoch

Ellis, Jacob

Ellis, Jacob Jun.

Ellis, John

Ellis, Jonathan

Evans, Aaron

Evans, Benjamin H.

Evans, James


Flagg, Jonathan

Folsom, Peter

Foss, James

Foss, Samuel

Foss, Samuel D.

Fuller, Baruk

Furber, Benjamin; Farming.

Furber, Richard; Newington

Furber, William


Garland, Dudley

Garland, Ebenezer

Garland, James

Garland, Richard

Garland, Richard Jun.

Garland, Stephen

Gerrish, James

Giles, Ebenezer

Giles, Isaac

Giles, Joseph

Goodmore, Daniel

Goodwin, Col. John

Goodwin, John Jun.

Gowell. Timothy

Gray, John

Guppy, George


Hale, John P. Esq

Hale, Moses

Ham, Aaron

Ham, Clement; Barrington

Ham, Daniel

Ham, Eleazar

Ham, Ephraim

Ham, Ephraim Jun.

Ham, Israel

Ham, James

Ham, James Jun.

Ham, Jonathan

Ham, Nathaniel

Ham, Paul

Ham, Samuel

Ham, Stephen Jun.

Ham, Wido. Mehitable

Hamilton, Jeremiah

Hanscom, john

Hanscom, Thomas B.

Hanson, Jacob

Hanson, Jacob Jun.

Hanson, James

Hanson, John

Hanson, Joseph

Hanson, Joshua A.

Hanson, Phebe

Hanson, Solomon

Hart, Nathaniel

Hartford, Jacob

Hartford, Paul Jun.

Haven, Capt. John

Haven, john for How farm

Hayes, Benjamin

Hayes, Benjamin Jun.

Hayes, Daniel

Hayes, Dudley

Hayes, Ens. Hezekiah; Farmin.

Hayes, Ens. Nathaniel

Hayes, George [L?]

Hayes, John

Hayes, Joseph

Hayes, Richard

Haynes, Thomas

Heard, Abram

Heard, Enoch I.

Heard, Frederic

Heard, Henry

Heard, Isaac

Heard, Jacob

Heard, Jesse

Heard, John

Heard, John Jun.

Heard, Jonathan

Heard, Jonathan Jun.

Heard, Joseph

Heard, Joseph Jun.

Heard, Shadrach

Heard, Tristram

Heard, Tristram Jun.

Heard, Wido. Betsey

Heard, Wido. Phebe

Heard, Wido. Sarah

Heard, William

Henderson, John

Henderson, Jonathan

Henderson, Richmond

Henderson, Timothy

Henderson, William

Hodgdon, Abner

Hodgdon, Abner Jun.

Hodgdon, Capt. Alexander

Hodgdon, Jonathan

Hodgdon, Joseph

Hoit, Benjamin

Hoit, Charles

Hoit, Enoch

Hoit, Enoch Jun.

Hoit, Israel

Hoit, John

Hoit, John D.

Hoit, Phineas

Holmes, Joshua Jun.

Holmes, Lt. Joshua

Hooper, William

Horn, Eliphalet

Horn, James

Horn, Jeremiah

Horn, Jonathan

Horn, Tristram; Somersworth

How, Nathaniel

How, Thomas

Howard, James

Howard, Henry

Howard, Richard

Howard, Stephen

Hussey, Daniel

Hussey, Ezekiel

Hussey, Jonathan


Jackson, Caleb

Jackson, Samuel

Jackson, Stephen

Jacobs, George

Jenkins, Elijah

Jenkins, Isaiah

Jenkins, Nicholas

Jennes, Aaron

Jennes, Aaron Jun.

Jennes, Capt. Isaac

Jennes, Daniel

Jennes, David

Jennes, James

Jennes, John

Jennes, John Jun.

Jennes, Jonathan

Jennes, Joseph

Jennes, Levi

Jennes, Moses Jun.

Jennes, Nathaniel

Jennes, Samuel

Jennes, Solomon

Jennes, Stephen

Jennes, William

Jennes, William Jun.

Jewett, Dearborne

Jones, Samuel Jun.; Farming.


Kimball, Ephraim; Farm.

Kimball, Paul

Knight, Hatevil Esqr.

Knight, James

Knight, Joshua

Knight, Walter B.


Langley, William

Legro, David

Leighton, James

Libbey, Clement

Libbey, Isaac

Libbey, Wido. Hannah

Lock, Edward


Main, Amos

Main, Davtd

Main, John

Main, Josiah Jun.

March, Jonas C. Esqr.

Macumber, Levi

McDuffee, David

McDuffee, Isaac

McDuffee, Jacob

McDuffee, James

McDuffee, James Jun.

McDuffee, John 3rd

McDuffee, John Jun. Esqr.

McDuffee, Samuel

McDuffee, Thomas

Meder, Daniel

Meder, Francis

Meder, Jeddediah

Meder, Jomathan

Meder, Michah

Meder, Otis

Meder, Samuel

Meder, Stephen

Meder, Timothy

[Meseroi] Stephen

Morey, Harvey

Morrison, Jonathan

Moulton, Thomas T.


Nutter, Isaac

Nutter, John

Nutter, Jotham

Nutter, Lt. John

Nutter, Samuel


Odiorne, Wido. Sarah

Odlin, William H.

Otis, Jethro

Otis, Joseph; Barrington

Otis, Joshua


Page, Capt. Benjamin

Page, Daniel

Page, Daniel Jun.

Page, David C.

Page, Joseph

Peabody, Francis

Pearl, Ebenezer

Pearl, Isaac

Pearl, Jacob

Pearl, Joseph

Peavey, Simon

Penny, Francis

Perkins, Ephraim

Perkins, Joseph

Pickering, Anthony

Pickering, James

Pickering, Levi

Pickering, Winthrop

Pinkham, Jonathan

Pinkham, Samuel

Pinkham, Stephen

Place, Enoch

Place, Isaac

Place, John M.

Place, Lt. James

Place. James Jun.

Place, Paul

Place, Stephen

Plumer, Ebenezer

Plumer,Ephraim; Milton

Plumer, John Esq.

Plumer, John Jun.

Plumer, John 3rd

Pray, Dr. Samuel


Randall, John

Randall, John Jun.

Randall, William

Rann, Samuel

Raynall, Ambrose

Remick, John

Richards, Abram

Richards, John Jun.

Richards, Joseph

Richardson, Amos

Richardson, John

Richardson, Thomas

Richardson, timothy

Richardson, Timothy Jun.

Richardson, Wido. Hannah

Ricker, Benasah

Ricker, Ezra

Ricker, John

Roberts, Benjamin

Roberts, Benjamin Jun.

Roberts, Capt. Moses

Roberts, Dudley

Robers, Dudley for E. Tebbets farm

Roberts, Ebenezer; Somersworth

Roberts, John

Roberts, John Jun.

Roberts, Paul

Roberts, Lt. Timothy

Roberts, Moses Jun.

Roberts, Thomas

Robinson, James

Robinson, Levi

Robinson, Meshach

Robinson, Meshach Jun.

Rogers, Samuel

Rollins, Benjamin

Rollins, Lt. Edward

Ross, Simon


Sampson, Jeremiah

Sampson, Dr. Nehemiah

Sawyer, Stephen;Dover

Seavey, Ebenezer

Seavey, Joshua; Farmington

Seavey, Samuel

Sherburne, Joseph

Smith, Charles

Smith, John

Smith, John Jun.

Stackpole, Samuel

Stacy, Ebenezer


Tanner, Henry

Tebbets, Amos

Tebbets, Capt. Benjamin

Tebbets, David

Tebbets, Ebenezer

Tebbets, Elijah Jun.

Tebbets, Enoch

Tebbets, Henry

Tebbets, James

Tebbets, Jesse

Tebbets, John

Tebbets, Jonathan

Tebbets, Mary

Tebbets, Samuel

Tebbets, Wido. Ruth

Torr, Jonathan

Torr, Simon Esqr.

Torr, Simon jun.

Trickey, Jacob

Trickey, John

Trickey, Joshua

Trickey, William

Trickey, William Jun.

Trickey, William 3rd

Tuttle, Job

Twombly, Isaac Jun.

Twombly, Tobias


Upham, Nathaniel Esqr


Varney, Aaron; Dover

Varney, Amasa; Dover

Varney, Benjamin

Varney, Dudley

Varney, Eli; Dover

Varney, Elijah

Varney, George Jun.

Varney, Israel

Varney, Jacob

Varney, James

Varney, Joel

Varney, Jonathan

Varney, Richard

Varney, Rueben; Dover

Varney, Shubael; Dover

Varney, Silas

Varney, Thomas

Varney, William; Farming.



Waldron, James

Waldron, James Jun.

Waldron, Moses

Wallingford, Amos

Wallingford, Jacob

Warren, William

Watson, Daniel

Watson, Dudley

Wentworth, Beard

Wentworth, Elihu

Wentworth, John

Wentworth, Thomas

Wentworth, Wido. Salley

Whitehouse, Benjamin

Whitehouse, Israel

Whitehouse, Jacob

Whitehouse, Stephen

Whitehouse, William

Whitehouse, William; Farm.

Willand, Enoch

Willand, George

Willey, Josiah

Wilson, James

Wingate, Benjamin

Wingate, David

Wingate, Jonathan

Wingate, Shadrach

Witham, Elijah

Witham, John

Witherel , James

Woodman, Jeremiah H. Esqr.

Young, Moses













2 thoughts on “Rochester Tax Reports Inventory for 1816

  1. Douglas Ashbaugh says:

    Do you have anymore information on the Jenkins family? I have an old practice book of Nicholas Jenkins that dates to around 1813. His parents were Isaiah and Sarah Jenkins. Besides his school studies he seems to have copied his dad’s will into it which is interesting to read.

  2. marthaj1062 says:


    What an interesting book! We do not find their names in any of our indexes at the Rochester Historical Society.

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