Asa P. Hanson Letter

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March 26, 2014 by rochesterhistoricalnh

Typed copy of Asa P.Hanson letter- written to his brother at age 19



On envelope section:



Center Conway, NH

May 17, 1836

Mr. Dominicus Hanson


Rochester, NH


Dear Sir,


I now write wishing that you may stop sending papers, as I shall not be able to take any more out of the office. In all probability you shall see me in Rochester Friday next if you look sharp when the stage reaches you. To tell you the plain truth I have got nearly homesick the reason of which I will tell you when I see you. I am almost counting the minutes, nay even the seconds which intervene before my arrival home. I long to see the old home place of my birth where all my youthful days were spent which when I now look back upon appear like a dream. I wish to visit again my native village where the Cocheco sports in wild gambols – in whose clear and cooling waters I have bathed in beautiful evenings lighted up by the evening lamp of heaven. But far more than all this do I wish to see the one with whom all these things were enjoyed; and I hope it will not be too long ere I shall be at his side recounting to him my adventures in Conway.

By the way let no one know that I am homesick, for if you should I should put an honest blush on my check when I appear among you.

At present I have money sufficient to clear my way here; but the “hang of it” is where or what manner I shall get from here home. However I shall try pretty hard to clear my way. My time is out and now I close.

Yours, [etc.]

Asa P. Hanson

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