5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. mewingate2012 says:

    This is absolutely wonderful! Clean, crisp site, lots of information. Look forward to many photos and history. Well done! Martha Wingate

  2. Joanne says:

    Love it–great job guys–

  3. Lynne Belluscio says:

    We believe that we have a carriage that is signed “Rochester” that may indicate that it was made in Rochester, NH since the family was from New England. We suspect it was made in the 1930s but did not come to western NewYork until 1920 or 1930 as an antique. I am interested in information about carriage manufacturers in Rochester if there were any. Lynne Belluscio, Director LeRoy Historical Society

    • In the mid to late 18oos there were several carriage makers in Rochester. Edgerly made carriages in Rochester beginning in 1839. They are still in business today as an undertaker. Nahum Corson and John W Roberts also made carriages in 1878. Is this a full size carriage? There were people who made baby carriages as well.

  4. Sara says:

    It is wonderful to visit your site and learn about Rochester, NH. I am from Rochester, NY, also a lilac city. I was wondering what is the history of the name “lilac city” for your town?

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