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  1. mewingate2012 says:

    This is absolutely wonderful! Clean, crisp site, lots of information. Look forward to many photos and history. Well done! Martha Wingate

  2. Joanne says:

    Love it–great job guys–

  3. Lynne Belluscio says:

    We believe that we have a carriage that is signed “Rochester” that may indicate that it was made in Rochester, NH since the family was from New England. We suspect it was made in the 1930s but did not come to western NewYork until 1920 or 1930 as an antique. I am interested in information about carriage manufacturers in Rochester if there were any. Lynne Belluscio, Director LeRoy Historical Society

    • In the mid to late 18oos there were several carriage makers in Rochester. Edgerly made carriages in Rochester beginning in 1839. They are still in business today as an undertaker. Nahum Corson and John W Roberts also made carriages in 1878. Is this a full size carriage? There were people who made baby carriages as well.

  4. Sara says:

    It is wonderful to visit your site and learn about Rochester, NH. I am from Rochester, NY, also a lilac city. I was wondering what is the history of the name “lilac city” for your town?

  5. Ruth Thompson says:

    I’ve recently inherited a large painting and the back is signed: “presented to Mr. And Mrs. W. Linscott painted by Emerson D. Linscott Rochester NH 1896. I wonder if you can tell me anything about this person?

    Thank you, Ruth

  6. daniel says:

    Hello, I am looking for information and any historical photographs of North Main Street, particularly images that may show buildings at 32 to 38 North Main Street. I have been researching Macs’s lunch wagon / diner that was located next to 38 North Main Street. It was owned by Charles M. Andrews.

  7. Thomas P. McDuffee says:

    My name is Thomas McDuffee and my family has long been associated with the history of Rochester. Lt Col John McDuffee (house on Dover Road) is my 5th great uncle and his brother Captain Daniel McDuffee is my fifth great grandfather. This is where I need help. Despite two trips to Rochester and Farmington (I live in Indianapolis) I have not been able to locate the McDuffee Cemetery which is supposed to be on route 11 just west of Rochester on the way to Farmington. The Captain is buried there along with about 30 other family members. Do you have any data regarding the location of this cemetery. A set of 1989 GPS coordinates placed it in the tree line between the Pink Cadillac Restaurant and Tides Fish Market…not sure if this is correct but it is my only clue. I contacted Tides and they had no information.
    Thank you for your time and assistance.
    Member of the NH Society of Sons of the American Revolution

    • Sharon Jameson says:

      Hello, My name is Sharon Jameson and I lived in the John McDuffie homestead for over 10 years. I do know where Lt. Col John McDuffie is buried, but unsure about Cap. Daniel. There are a few other cemeteries in the Rochester area where some of the McDuffie Family are buried. One you can’t even see…it’s behind a U-Haul building in Rochester. I loved that old home and hated to sell it. If you ever come to Rochester in the near future, please let me know. I now live in Londonderry, NH, but would be more than happy to see if we can figure out where the cemetery is located that you are looking for.
      Thank you,
      Sharon Jameson

    • cheri says:

      I just happened to come across your post. There indeed is a historic cemetery located along route 11 located in the area you are researching.

      • Thomas McDuffee says:

        Thank you. We have located the cemetery behind Rochester Motorsports which completely blocks the view of the cemetery from Route 11.

    • suzanne brow says:

      Hi Tom,
      My sisters and I were just up in Rochester this past Saturday visiting my mothers grave who happens to be a McDuffee. We are really trying to collect information about the family and it looks like we could help one another out. In the meantime, I will have one of my sisters contact you with directions to the cemetery. Below is my email address. Please contact me and I will have one of them reach out to you.
      Looking forward to talking.

      • Thomas McDuffee says:

        Suzanne, thank you for your message. We have located the cemetery just behind a small company, Rochester Motor Sports, that is totally blocking the view and access to the site. I am working on some ideas/actions to clean up the site and make sure that it can be found easily in the future. We have confirmed about 50 McDuffees are buried in the cemetery.
        I am more than happy to share the information re the McDuffee family that my wife and I have accumulated. We have enjoyed the many searches and new relatives that we meet.
        On a side note I am currently the head of the MacDuffee Clan Society of America. We attend Scottish Highland Games from NH to NC and in IN where I live.

  8. trailbosstnt says:

    Does anyone know who designed the shield/logo for spaulding high school?

  9. wayne goodwin says:

    hi my name is wayne, and I would like to know if anyone knows about the old cemetery on chestnut hill rd across the street from the r.a. ball park? its stone post with pipe rails and goes back to the early 1800s its in bad shape, and its a shame to see it like that.
    thank you ,

    • marthaj1062 says:

      We have information on several cemeteries on Chestnut Hill Road – do you know any of the names of those buried there?

      Thank you,

      • wayne goodwin says:

        there is a Jonas downs, another name timothy Richardson I got these names off a picture I took .some time ago, theres more but I would have to go in there to get them, I have to go in from the old railroad tracks don’t want to bother the neighbor

  10. Julianne L. Rain says:

    Oh family used to go to a restaurant and they had wonderful pies. If I recall the restaurant was on a side street and for the life of me I cannot remember the name of the restaurant. I’m hoping someone can tell me the name. Thank you.

    • marthaj1062 says:

      Colby’s Restaurant on Hanson Street was famous for it’s pies. People still talk about them!

      • Julianne L. Rain says:

        Thank you so much. My old memory is not that bad!!! They had the most delicious pies and food. Wasn’t there a fire there? I had said the name was Colby but my sister disagreed.
        Sure do miss the lemon meringue pies, but all were excellent.
        Again, many thanks.
        Julianne Lundin Rain

      • lionel gordon says:

        I lived on Central Ave, just around the corner of Colbys, as a child in the 50’s until 1963. My mother was a regular customer often bringing me there for a meal. The pies were fantastic as were the meals. Very sad to see Colbys, Meaders stationery store and the fish market on Hanson street disappear into history. We were all so fortunate growing up and living in that time peroid. And who could forget Red Hayes the kind police officer who would stop traffic in order for us kids to cross the street enroute to Carneys Drug for our soda treat after school. Those were the days!

  11. Karen Apac says:

    We have lived on McDuffee st. for the last 40 years and with its location being on the east side of Rte.11 across from Home Depot, We were wondering if McDuffee st. was named after the McDuffee family referred to in previous posts on this Web sight.

  12. Anita Philbin says:

    Hunting for Rochester New Hampshire schools of year of 1920

  13. Chris Benoit says:

    i am looking for photos of rochester fd engine 5 (from the 80’s) and also ladder can anyone tell me were i may find these photos

  14. John R Huston says:

    Ciao. I was born in Dover and have recently learned that one of the three men who was a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor was born in Dover and is buried on Whitehouse road in Rochester. He was Charles Melville a/k/a James Ramsbottom buried in1867. Do you have any info as to the location of his grave? I would love to pay my respects and visit this hero’s final resting place.

    • marthaj1062 says:

      Our records show he is buried in the Ramsbottom family cemetery on the west side of Old Dover Road. It is not visible from the road and not easy to access.

    • Lisa A Lacasse says:

      I visited the Ramsbottom family cemetery today. First time in years as I grew up across the street from its location. I used to visit it often as a kid. There is also what looks like a Corporal Snell there. It’s looks very nice and there are a couple flags recently placed there.

  15. Lisa M says:

    Wondering if you have any information on the chapel/meeting house next to the Franklin Street Cemetery. How old? What was it used for

  16. Robert Markowitz says:


    Happy New Year.

    Is there any information available about the Rochester, NH Iron Works?

    I have a wooden and iron set of shelves attributed to them (unsigned which seems to be the instance of all 3 of the ones I have owned over the years).

    I find info about their weather vanes, but not much else.


    • We have been asked this several times and never been able to find anything about them. If you ever find anything we would love to hear about it. Thank you!

      • Robert Markowitz says:


        If I learn more, I will share the info.

        Another thought. Apparently Gilmanton, NH had a failed iron mining operation. In fact, it is my understanding that a part of that town is still called Gilmanton Iron Works. I do wonder if this was the actual site of production of the shelves and cast iron weather vanes rather than Rochester? However, the 2 towns are about 30 miles apart.

        Anyways, thanks again!

  17. Joseph says:

    Does anyone have info on Witmers Candies ? Would have been started WWII era I think ? ? Maybe ? Any info ? Thanks

    • Jack says:

      Witmer’s Candies was owned and operated by Leah Witmer with her husband Carl. It was originally located on Littleworth Road in Dover, NH but eventually moved to Barrington NH. I think they originally operated the business from their home from about the mid to late 1950s.

    • Jack says:

      Witmers Candy Shop started in Dover then moved to Barrington? It was run by Leah and Carl Witmer in the late 50s or early 60s. I replied to this post a week ago but perhaps it got lost?

  18. Bill Lane says:

    I have a wall thermometer from the Hotel Hayes……and it works. Advertisement I presume. Is this something the Rochester Historical Society work like?

  19. Karen Keefe says:

    I would like to know who originally donated or sold the land in Rochester for the first Le Club Victoire, please. According to what I’ve been told, it could have been John J. Boivin.

  20. Judy Furlong says:

    My late mom was very active with your group (Shirley Leslie) and I am finally going through old bins that had been hers, my grandparents, great grandparents …. There are old cash books showing money earned and money spent, bank books, etc. I know museums can get overloaded with this type of stuff, but wanted to reach out to you before doing anything else with them. Any interest in these? Also, back when we lost our mom my brother had contacted someone there and offered an embosser that we found in the house — Blue Hills Chapter of the K.K.K. I have this and still plan to get it to you if you’d still like it.

    • Hello,

      Your mother and father were both wonderful volunteers with much knowledge of Rochester and its history. We would be happy to receive these donations. Our mailing address is PO Box 65, Rochester, NH 03866. If you are local we can make arrangements to meet up with you. Please email me at rochesterhistorical@metrocast.net for more information.

      Thank you!
      Martha Fowler

  21. Maryann Cota says:

    What’s wondering if you had in your database anything about when Royals pizza closed. Thanks

  22. Robert Pierce Jr. says:

    Good Afternoon,
    I have a historical lithograph of Captain Luther B Sampson and his American Civil war record. I would like for you to look at it or even possibly take possession and preserve it for future historical presentations. Are you interested??
    It’s an amazing pierce.

  23. Robert Pierce Jr. says:

    Good Afternoon,
    I have a historical lithograph of Captain Luther B Sampson and his American Civil war record. I would like for you to look at it or even possibly take possession and preserve it for future historical presentations. Are you interested??
    It’s an amazing piece.

  24. A. Landon says:

    Hello, I am looking for any information about a woman named Bernice Jordan who I think taught in Rochester during the mid-1920s to mid-1930s. I assume she would have taught at the Allen school before the opening of the new high school. Can you help?

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